Chardon Ice Cream has been serving Saskatoon since 1999 with delicious, creamy soft and hard ice cream. Chardon is your favourite summer treat spot!

Chardon opened its first location in Saskatoon’s Fairhaven neighbourhood to bring friendly service and top quality ice cream to this growing area. Chardon opened its second location on McKercher Drive in Saskatoon in 2006.

Chardon still loves serving the best quality ice cream cones and treats in Saskatoon to their wonderful customers! With such short summers, Saskatoon has to make the best of every long summer evening and hot afternoon and Chardon is here to help them do just that.

Drop by today and try one of our 16 flavours of hard ice cream, splits, soft chocolate dipped cones, sundaes and parfaits! Make summer wonderful with Chardon Ice Cream.